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CSE Guidance Review Launch 2017

Key Speakers: 

  • Dr. Sophie Hallet

  • Dr. Eleanor Staples

  • Keith Towler

  • Jade Harrison

  • Sam Clutton

As part of National Safeguarding Week, the CSE Guidance Review took place at Cardiff University on 15 November 2017.  The review had been undertaken in order to ascertain how CSE guidance in conjunction with SERAF was being understood, utilised in practice and ensuring that it was fit for purpose.

Findings included that the Welsh guidance, definition and protocol required changes and amendments, but that overall a positive change had been found in raising awareness of CSE.  In addition, consistency was found to be needed across Wales in understanding CSE.

These findings influenced the conclusions of the research which determined that the guidance and protocol need to be updated.  Furthermore, 26 separate recommendations were delineated, related to the different components of the report including the definition and how to continue to involve children, young people, and their families.

The blog post for this event can be found here


15th November 2017- Cardiff 

16th November 2017- Rhyl



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