January 2018 practitioner workshop: The Evaluation of the Visiting Mum Project

January 12, 2018

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The Evaluation of the Visiting Mum Project was held at Cardiff University on 9 January 2018.


The PACT event discussed the evaluation of the Visiting Mum Project. The project ran from October 2014- October 2017, through a partnership between PACT and SOVA, and was designed to support children and families, to transport them to visit their mother in prison, and facilitate high quality contact between mother and child.


This project allowed for women in prison to be able to visit with their children in a more family and child friendly space.  This space was specifically tailored to allow mothers to care for their children by being able to make them a hot drink, playing games, and allowing for opportunities for physical contact between mother and child.


Having this space for mother and child dramatically reduced the anxieties that both felt during visitations.  Both parent and child felt less intimidated and the longer visits and safe space helped preserve and build family relationships.  97 women and 69 families were supported during the duration of the project.


As a result of this project, policy and practice in both Wales and the UK as a whole, can be improved.  Recommendations were made to this effect in order to improve family relationships, reduce anxieties held by both mother and child, and that the project could be replicated to other prisons.


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