Practitioner workshops: VIG

March 29, 2018

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On 26 and 27th March, the Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) workshops took place in Wrexham and in Cardiff. 


VIG uses:

  • Evidence based interventions

  • Real video clips

  • Positive behaviours reinforcement


It is based on Trevarthen’s intersubjectivity theory.  It has been found that watching yourself perform a behaviour will increase feelings of self-efficacy and therefore improve your relationship with your child.



The VIG process identifies and supports goals for intervention.  The number of cycles used depends on parental needs.  Parents and the VIG team will undergo a shared review; parent and guider review and decide whether further courses of VIG are necessary and what else the parent(s) can be working on.



VIG has been used widely with:


  • First time fathers

  • Families and premature babies

  • Mums with post-natal depression

  • Incidents with child neglect


In 2014, Cornwall began to use VIG as part of therapeutic intervention for families.  In the first ten months there were 53 referrals and they worked with 36 parents.  It became a permanent service in September 2015 with over 300 requests!



Cardiff University researchers evaluated Cornwall’s VIG service using a mixed methods approach.  This entailed:


  • 12 interviews with referrers

  • 13 interviews with clients

  • Staff questionnaires About VIG


The findings showed that there was improved attachment between parent(s) and child, children enjoyed it and liked being involved, and that it was inclusive and accessible as it took place at the home of the client.



Conclusions from the report were that it was a positive experience overall, it built confidence in parenting skills in parents an improved parent—child relationships.



It was also mentioned that on the 27th September, there will be a VIG conference in Newquay.



Video clips were shown to illustrate how VIG is used and shared with families.  



On hand at the Cardiff workshop was Alexis Jones from Neath Port Talbot.  She briefly discussed how VIG is being used in Wales to support schools and families.  In addition, since September 2015, VIG has been used to support LAC and adopted children 1 day per week.