South Wales Practitioner Workshop: How can we prevent suicide? Practical messages for practice.

June 19, 2018

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Some statistics:

  • The WHO estimates that there are 800k suicides per year

  • Suicide rates for men are higher; 3-5 higher than women

  • Females have higher rates of self-harm


We should be mindful of the data when looking at suicide rates by local authority or health board.  They can be interpreted and analysed in different ways including mass, point, geographical and online clusters.



When it comes to the term suicide, there is no specific definition, therefore interpretation is difficult.  It can be viewed as a spectrum from suicidal ideation (no intent), active ideation, to having a suicide plan (intent). Those who attempt suicide often to not have a first successful attempt.  Statistics state that there are five failed attempts prior to a successful one.



After this introduction, participants worked in groups to discuss what factors related to suicide and which factors that protect against and heighten risk.





Groups engaged in this discussion and then ranked their risk factors in terms of importance, which was a difficult task.  This is due to the ways that suicide and suicide factors can be interpreted and conceptualised.