Meaningful participation of children and young people in decisions about their care

April 10, 2019

On Monday 4th March, researchers from CASCADE, the Children's Social Care Research and Development Centre at Cardiff University, jointly hosted a practitioner workshop with Children In Wales and Voices From Care.

Presenting were:


Dr Clive Diaz, Lorna Stabler and Dr Chloe O'Donnell from CASCADE at Cardiff University
Emma Sullivan from Children In Wales
Aiden Richards and young people from Voices From Care


What is Participation and why is it important?


The workshop began by considering what is meant by participation and why it’s important. Presenting Harts Ladder and ‘the climbing wall’ of participation, attendees were encouraged to consider ‘How important is children’s participation to you?’ and ‘Why is children’s participation important?’ Feedback included discussions around children’s rights, best practice, children’s well-being and power.



Children’s participation in family and professional meetings: Findings of a Realist Review.

Lorna Stabler and Dr Chloe O’Donnell from CASCADE presented on the current review work being undertaken around children’s participation in family and professional meetings.

This presentation considered findings from the realist review of evidence highlighting what needs to happen before a meeting and during a meeting, then the possible positive outcomes after meaningful participation. The review also considered the conditions t