Video to Celebrate Care Leavers

May 9, 2019

This Foster Care Fortnight, the CareLeaverSophia channel is creating a video to celebrate the achievements of Care Leavers. With the negative stereotypes which have recently taken centre stage in the media through the Stoke-On-Trent Children’s Home press coverage, I think a video such as this is well needed. This isn’t linked to any charity/foster care agency, it’s very much a video by Care Leavers for the World. Most importantly, let’s show children in care that the future can be bright!


What I need from you guys is two videos:


1.   Answer the question “what is your proudest achievement”

2.   “My name is [xyz] and I am proud to be a Care Leaver”


Neither video should be longer than 8 – 10 seconds and can be recorded on a mobile phone or camera. The upload link can be found here


Deadline: Sunday 12th May 8pm


Sophia Alexandra Hall @sophiahallsax


You can see more of Sophia’s films on our page From Young People For Young People

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