Professionals Breaking the Silence: Supporting professionals to respond to children's disclosure of abuse

May 23, 2019

On Tuesday 26th March NSPCC Cymru facilitated a practitioner’s work shop around ‘Professionals breaking the silence, dealing with child disclosures of abuse’. They are launching their ‘Let children know you’re listening’ safeguarding resource for professionals, to help show children and young people that, when they want to share you’re ready to listen. 

The workshop began with a video outlining child disclosures. Attendees were encouraged to put themselves in the shoes of the professional dealing with a silent disclosure in the video, how would they feel?

•    “Anxious”
•    “Is it my role?”
•    “Is this the best time?”
•    “Panicking or worried about a lack of training”
•    “Fear of getting it wrong”
•    “Worried about opening a can of worms”


Next the group were asked to mark how confident they felt dealing with disclosure of abuse.


Reflections and discussion around what does or could make the group feel confident:


“Clear guidelines around the legislation and guidance on dealing with disclosures”

“Feeling confident about the process to follow”

"Enough support at work”

“A professional support network"

“To spend time reflecting on practice to improve"