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Between the lines & asking whys: Trauma-informed practice, a lived experience perspective

Open Access Learning & Development Opportunity

November 18, 2021

Artifacts: Open Access Learning & Development Opportunity 18.11.21

Trauma is an issue that has the potential to impact upon all humans, and therefore becoming trauma informed is a human issue. Every single member of society has a role to play in understanding and responding to the affects and impacts of trauma. This does not mean that everyone must become an expert in trauma, but it does mean that we all have a part to play in understanding trauma, creating awareness of trauma from a range of diverse and unique perspectives, empowering other individuals and communities to create their own awareness of trauma; and within the context and remit of your own roles you all have a part to play in responding to and supporting those affected and impacted by trauma and adversity in one way or another.

At Artifacts, we start from the perspective that drawing upon our lived experience of the impact of trauma and distress can support in providing insight, can help to challenge current thinking and positively support in shaping service provision and delivery. Highlighting the value of connections, the need for hope, inspiration, purpose and meaning, and the complex, multi-facetted, interconnected and often inter-generational nature of trauma.

This session explores trauma in an incredibly open, honest, and candid way and it is the responsibility of those booking this session to ensure that delegates are aware that it explores content that could be difficult, distressing or triggering to individuals; and therefore, a part of attendance is recognition of this in terms of self-care.

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