Housing Options Protocols for Care Leavers

Location: Scotland

Author: Scottish Government

Year: 2013


This guidance has been published to assist local authorities and their community planning partners in the development and implementation of local ‘Housing Options Protocols for Care Leavers’. These protocols should detail the processes by which young people are supported through their transition out of care and provided with a range of appropriate and sustainable accommodation options.

Scottish Care Leavers Covenant. Supporting corporate parents to improve the lives of care leavers

The Scottish Care Leavers Covenant supports Scotland’s corporate parents, carers, practitioners, managers and decision makers in fulfilling their duties to improve the life chances of all of Scotland’s care leavers. Care leavers often struggle on their journey into adulthood. For many the leap from care to independence is just too great, and too many continue to experience problems that lead to much poorer outcomes than the general population.

These outcomes are not inevitable and should not be accepted as the norm.

The Covenant builds on the principles of Getting It Right for Every Child (GIRFEC)1 by taking a holistic, young person-centred approach. It focuses on the long-term wellbeing needs of care leavers; highlighting the need for early intervention and help that is appropriate, proportionate and timely. It also needs high standards of cooperation, joint working and communication between agencies locally and across Scotland. Aligning the Covenant with GIRFEC will make sure that the ‘one child – one plan – one care journey’ principle continues beyond the young person’s care setting.

Allowances Report 2019-20 for Scotland

​Location: Scotland

Author: The Fostering Network

Year: 2019


In the summer of 2019, The Fostering Network conducted a survey of all 32 local authorities in Scotland using freedom of information requests in order to get a picture of fostering allowances for local authority foster carers across the country. The wording of the freedom of information requests was as follows:

1) Please could you tell me your 2019-20 weekly foster care allowances for all age bands, NOT including any fee/reward element for foster carers?
2) Please could you tell me your 2019-20 weekly allowances to former foster carers looking after young people in 16+/18+ Continuing Care arrangements, broken down by year 1, year 2, and year 3+ if necessary?