Thrive: Keeping yourself safe online

Last year the Fostering Network in Wales met and worked with young people from across Wales to hear what they had to say about the digital world and how to stay safe online. The young people shared their expertise and knowledge with us which helped to develop this latest edition, Thrive: Keeping yourself safe online.

This magazine aims to help young people in care think about how they use the internet and social media, the positives and the risks, whilst exploring how they can support themselves and each other to stay safe and look after their wellbeing online. This new edition is available for free here. Please do share with your team, contacts and the young people you work with. 

Amy’s diary: A fostered young person’s journey through secondary school

This is the fictional diary of Amy. Amy came into foster care when she was in Year 6, as a result of neglect and physical abuse. She spent a few weeks in an emergency foster placement, before being placed with Jennie. She was fortunate enough to be able to stay at her own primary school.

This is her story of secondary school. With notes for teachers and educators.

First educators: Raising the educational aspirations of looked-after children and young people

Author: The Fostering Network (in association with Welsh Government)


•Exploring the role of foster carers as first educators
•Getting involved and working with the wider educational team
•Navigating the system
•Innovation and learning from The Fostering Network

Making it happen: How foster carers can help children raise their aspirations in education


This short publication aims to inspire you as foster carers to help the children in your care raise their academic aspirations and fulfil their potential in education. It gives you some starting points to help you understand the education system better. And it gives you some tips to help you consult, challenge and collaborate with schools and others, so that everyone can help fostered children to aim high and fulfil their educational dreams.

Thrive magazine for young people: Reviews


Whether you love ‘em or loathe them, reviews are a great way to get your
feelings and opinions heard. This edition of is packed full with tips and ideas to help you get your views across. It will help make your reviews more interesting, get the people you want there and make sure that you take part in the way that you want to.

This magazine has been written for you!

Thrive magazine for young people: Education


Why this special edition? Whether you love it or hate it, school is important. If you do well at school you will increase your chances of getting what YOU want out of life. But sometimes, if you are in care, school can be a slog. You might feel maybe that you are treated differently to everyone else. That some teachers don’t have high hopes for you getting on. Perhaps, you are being bullied? Or you find it hard to make friends in a new school?

Hang in there. Thrive is here to help. This edition is packed full with tips and ideas to help you get the best out of school.