Welcome to our truly international ExChange Wales spring conference series 2023!  It takes a village: Global perspectives on care-experienced parents is being delivered in partnership with the International Research Network on Transitions to Adulthood from Care (INTRAC).

Care leavers’ transition to parenthood is one of the most challenging transitions in their life. Having limited support during this time seems to increase the difficulties they face.  This conference will share current research from around the world on this theme and generate dialogue between academics, practitioners and policymakers at a global level. 

The conference includes live and pre-recorded sessions from the USA, Australia, Israel, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Italy and Wales.  For a full description of the individual sessions, view the presentation abstracts. 

Learn more about each event with our abstract document

Welcome to the conference

Introduction to the conference
Louise Roberts

Releasing 2nd February 2023

Live sessions

Exploring the State of Early Parenthood Among Youth in and Aging-Out of Foster Care
Svetlana Shpiegel, Amy Dworsky, Elizabeth Aparicio


2:30pm (GMT) – 09:30am(EST)

Housing needs among care-experienced young parents in New South Wales, Australia
Amy Gill

‘People talk at you, not to you’: Implications of routine practices in alternative care for young, pregnant and parenting teen
Jade Purtell


8:30am (GMT) – 07:30pm (AEDT)

Recorded presentations

Early pregnancy and parenting among young women who have left care in Ghana and Uganda

Kwambe Frimpong-Manso

Releasing 20th February 2023

Constructing the zero family: breaking the intergenerational transmission of maltreatment from the perspective of care-experienced parents
Diletta Mauri

Releasing 23rd February 2023

Motherhood as a Pathway to Resilience: Young Women’s experiences of Motherhood after Leaving Residential Care in South Africa
Joyce Hlungwani

Releasing 27th February 2023

The ideal and the possible parent: The parenting of young people who aged out of residential care
Tehila Refaeli

Releasing 2nd March 2023

Communities of Support for Care-Experienced Mothers
Stacey Marie Page, Amy Gill and Melissa Hairston

Releasing 13th March 2023

Empowering Young Parents in Out-of-Home Care: A Good Practice Charter and Supporting Resources

Louise Roberts, Rachael Vaughan and Dawn Mannay

Releasing 14th March 2023


Release of Bernardo’s Resource page

Releasing 3rd March 2023


Closeing remarks for the conference
Louise Roberts and parent(s)

Releasing 14th March 2023

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