DECIPHer Zoom forum with Richard Crellin and Tom Davies, The Children’s Society

Latest findings from the Good Childhood Research Programme on children’s subjective well-being and exploring children’s well-being measurement across the UK

21 October 2020, 11am to 12pm

Notes on the forum:

In this session, The Children’s Society’s Richard Crellin, Policy Manager, and Tom Davies, Children and Families Policy Advisor for Wales, will discuss their research programme into children’s subjective well-being.

There will be a particular focus on measures of cognitive well-being (see, for example, Huebner, 1991) and the development of the Good Childhood Index (see The Children’s Society, 2010).

Then, using a range of research and practice case studies, they will explore how primary research into children’s subjective well-being has informed public policy debates and the organisation’s work with children and young people over the last decade and how well-being could continue to inform policy and practice in the coming decade.

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Notes from The Children’s Society:

The Children’s Society supports vulnerable young people, from around 10 years old, who are living in complicated circumstances and often dealing with many different challenges. Through specialist services, we focus on improving well-being by listening closely to what young people tell us they need, and advocating with them to improve the situation. Our work covers a range of issues including going missing, exploitation, immigration issues, mental health, substance misuse and young carers.

Alongside our direct work to improve children’s lives we are also committed to changing the systems and structures that hinder young people getting the support they need and reaching their potential.
We do this through our research, policy work and public campaigning to improve children’s lives.

The children’s subjective well-being research is led by senior researcher Dr Louise Moore who is supported by researcher Dr Alex Turner. Charlotte Rainer is our policy officer, working closely with local and national decision makers to ensure our work has impact, with Tom Davies supporting us to do this in Wales. Richard Crellin leads the team.

Notes from DECIPHer:

DECIPHer brings together leading experts from a range of disciplines to tackle public health issues such as mental health and well-being, positive social relationships, diet and nutrition, physical activity and tobacco, alcohol and drugs, with a particular focus on developing and evaluating multi-level system approaches that will have an impact on the
health and well-being of children and young people.

DECIPHer is a member of SPARK | SBARC, Cardiff University’s Social Science Research Park.