Professor Amanda Robinson, Cardiff University

From research recommendation to government initiative: The Wales Safeguarding Repository

Presenter: Professor Amanda Robinson, Professor of Criminology, Cardiff University

Date: 29th April 2024

Time: 13:00 – 14:00

Location: Online, ZOOM

Our research in collaboration with senior practitioners has led the Welsh Government to overhaul its safeguarding review procedures for the most serious incidents and deaths in Wales due to domestic violence, mental ill-health, offensive weapons and those involving vulnerable adults and children at risk.

A key aspect of the implementation of the new Single Unified Safeguarding Review (SUSR) process has been to commission us to develop the Wales Safeguarding Repository (WSR), utilising the expertise of criminologists, subject matter experts and computer scientists applying text mining and machine learning techniques.

The WSR is globally unique in its scope, security, functionality, and centrality to government, and will enable researchers and practitioners to extract new learning about violence, abuse, vulnerability and safeguarding.

This presentation will discuss the underpinning research, engagement with stakeholders to develop the SUSR and WSR, the distinctiveness of the WSR as a resource for researchers and practitioners, and potential for it to significantly impact policy and professional practice across Wales.