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Last updated: January 28, 2021

Recording and reporting virtual support sessions for Families First (FF)

We have received queries recently from Local Authorities about the recording and reporting of services provided virtually throughout the Covid outbreak. We recognise you will require some guidance in relation to this matter. Following discussions with policy and data colleagues, we have agreed the following approach in the first instance:

  • You should record any targeted activity conducted via alternative means during the Covid outbreak in the same way as you would have done previously. For example, any one-to-one or group service that was delivered virtually using Skype, WhatsApp, and similar platforms, etc. should be counted in the same way as you would have previously with face-to-face engagement.
  • You should also count any direct and targeted contacts you have had with families over the telephone and via social media (providing they were meaningful).
  • However, non-targeted support – such as generic messages or videos on social media or YouTube, should not be included, as open access support of this nature is not really within the scope of Families First provision and it will be difficult to know to what extent viewers have actively engaged with it.

If you have any further queries or have any additional information you feel we should be made aware of, please contact your account manager in the usual manner or direct your emails to familiesfirst@gov.wales.

Guidance for Flying Start and Families First Services – COVID 19
The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) presents unprecedented challenges to all of our families and services. This document provides guidance on the provision of Flying Start and Families First services during this period.

Please share this with your teams and provide assurance that we are working hard to ensure we provide guidance to support you in provision of services for children and families now and going forward as the situation develops.

Parenting tips
10 Top Tips to support parents and carers of babies and young children (suitable from birth – 4) at home.

Impact questionnaire (COVID-19)

In light of the outbreak of Covid-19, we are eager to explore the extent of the likely disruption to services provided by Flying Start, Families First and the proposed piloting work due to be undertaken by Pathfinder PSBs during 2019/20 and 2020/21.

To help us gather the information we need, we have prepared a short table and some additional questions in the below document. We appreciate that planning for the short term is difficult given the changing nature of the response to the outbreak but we’d be grateful if you would provide the most up to date information you have and return it to the Flying Start mailbox.

Guidance for the Children and Communities Grant (CCG) (COVID-19)

Should you have any further questions please email the Flexible Funding mailbox – FlexibleFunding@gov.wales

Flying Start childcare payments (COVID-19)

The Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services has announced that both Childcare Offer and Flying Start childcare providers will continue to be paid should the service be disrupted as a result of Covid -19. More information can be found at the following website: https://gov.wales/childcare-offer-wales-payments-will-continue-even-if-children-do-not-attend-due-coronavirus

Urgent Minister of Education childcare update (COVID-19)

Please follow the link to a written statement issued by the Minister for Education and the Deputy Minister for Health & Social Services: https://gov.wales/written-statement-eligibility-ongoing-provision-children-who-are-vulnerable-or-whose-parents-are

Please find a set of FAQs below that we have developed in response to the position set out in the published statement in the following link which will be updated on a regular basis.

COVID-19 childcare FAQ