Family & Community Government Policy & Strategies entries for Wales include strategy documents which inform current and future policy.

  • Life Skills in the Curriculum

    Given the current uncertainty surrounding UK and world politics, this report is extremely important as the voices of young people in Wales will hopefully cut through the political tension and will provide a platform for young people’s voices to be heard above the noise.

  • Online safety action plan for children and young people in Wales 2019

    The action plan provides an update on the progress of each of the 46 actions detailed in the 2018 plan. It also sets out the details of 15 new actions which will be taken forward by Welsh Government to enhance online safety provision, policy and practice across Wales.

  • Advocacy standards and outcomes framework for children and young people

    Advocacy is about: speaking up for children and young people, empowering children and young people to make sure their rights are respected and their views, wishes and feelings are heard at all times, representing the views, wishes and feelings of children and young people to decision-makers, and helping them to navigate the system.

  • School Uniforms to become more affordable

    Kirsty Williams AM has published statutory guidance to make school uniforms more affordable, accessible and gender-neutral.

  • Childcare, Play and Early Years Workforce Plan

    A draft plan for the Childcare, Play and Early Years sector setting out our proposed 10-year strategic ambition for this workforce was consulted upon in 2014.

  • Childcare Statutory Guidance

    This guidance is issued under sections 22 (3), 23(3), 26(2) (b) and 27(7) of the
    Childcare Act 2006 and section 118 (A) (2) (b) of the School Standards and
    Framework Act 1998.

  • Child Poverty Strategy for Wales

    Our 2015 Child Poverty Strategy includes 5 key objectives for tackling child poverty and improving the outcomes of low income families in Wales.

  • Evaluation of Families First

    Families First is designed to improve outcomes for children, young people and families. It emphasises prevention and early intervention for families, particularly those living in poverty.

  • Evaluation of the Early Implementation of the Childcare Offer for Wales

    The evaluation has highlighted a number of benefits and challenges associated with developing, delivering and accessing the Offer.

  • Flying Start

    Flying Start is part of Welsh Governments early years programme for families with children under 4 years of age living in disadvantaged areas of Wales.