External event

A half-day course

Date: 02.03.21, 9:00 am 12:30 pm
Venue: Online via Teams
Cost: £50.00 – £90.00

This course is also offered as in-house training, please contact training@childreninwales.org.uk for more information.

Has Covid restricted your contact with staff or learners to a web cam and a computer screen? Are you finding it harder to engage effectively with learners and staff online? If you are a beginner to delivering online contact and training and wonder how you can adapt your courses and deliver in the new environment of remote working, then this is the course for you.

How to keep participants engaged while delivering online training, presentations, or social events? A non-techy introduction to improving engagement when presenting or training online. This course is suitable for trainers, family support workers, youth workers or anyone who is engaging with groups of adults and young people online.

This session will look at how to include and devise online games, quizzes and other activities that promote learning and involvement. We will be looking at how learners can collaborate and jointly annotate diagrams, use the whiteboard and get learners to work in smaller groups using the breakout rooms feature. We will look at how to use mobile phones; to vote in polls, answer online questions, and promote feedback.

The course will also include tips to promote online etiquette and safe practice. Learners will explore ways to ensure that the trainer retains control of the learning environment, and keeps the training safe and secure for everyone. We will look at use of online chat its strengths and drawbacks and how to use it more effectively.

The training will also compare platforms such as Zoom, Blackboard and Teams, as well as looking at how to use plug in’s and add on’s like; Mentimeter, Socrative, Ahaslides, Slido and Padlet. We will look at the best set up for delivering training and consider single screen versus multiscreen and the benefits of cabled connections over wifi. The optimum size of groups and also include what to do when things go wrong.

Jon Trew has been delivering safeguarding training for almost a decade and has been described as a digital evangelist. Booking forms without a valid PO number will no longer be processed. Please ensure to have a purchase order number to hand when making your booking. This should be obtained from your finance department.

External event