The price of pupil poverty guides – 4 November 2021, 10.00 – 11.00am

Join Children in Wales for an awareness raising session on The Price of Pupil Poverty Guides (Children in Wales | Price of Pupil Poverty).

Webinar poverty series: session 2 

Find out how you can take simple steps to adopting a whole-school approach to poverty-proofing your setting, to ensure that the cost of the school day does not cause barriers to learning and wellbeing for pupils from low income and disadvantaged families. (Children in Wales | Price of Pupil Poverty).

The webinar will provide an opportunity for schools and other settings to gain information, understand the impact poverty has on the everyday school lives of pupils, and provide possible solutions on how to poverty-proof and make a difference.

Sadly as a result of the pandemic, we are seeing a growth in the detrimental impact of poverty on pupils’ wellbeing, and increasing financial pressures on families. The Price of Pupil Poverty Guides can be a used as a tool to help mitigate the impact.

Speaker and biography:

Kate Thomas, Price of Pupil Poverty Development Officer, Children in Wales.

The role is funded by the Welsh Government and aims to raise awareness of the Price of Pupil Poverty Guides across Wales. Kate has been with Children in Wales for three years and has a background in Youth Work, Children’s Rights, Participation and Housing.  As part of her work, Kate works with a number of schools across Wales to provide training and to support them in implementing the guides and mitigating the negative impact poverty has on their pupils.