06 October 2021
09:30 – 16:30

A one-day course

The course will be looking at issues practitioners face in supporting children whose parents/carers are uncooperative through Ambivalence, Avoidance, Confrontation or Violence. The issues will be explored and solutions sought so participants can go away with practical solutions to use in their practice. Issues of disguised compliance will be explored using examples from Serious Case Reviews and indicators explored for participants to take away for use in their work.

The course will use a wide range of training methods including scenarios, experiential learning, and exercises and sharing of experiences. We aim to maintain a relaxed and informative environment where learning takes place through interactive and fun activities.

Course aims:

  • Understand what uncooperative behaviour is and know the types that can occur.
  • Be aware of the reasons for uncooperative behaviour and the impact it can have, including: Impact on assessments and ongoing work. Multi-agency working.
  • Know how to respond to uncooperative behaviour: Dealing with violence and hostility. Keeping yourself safe.
  • Understand what disguised compliance is and when it occurs?
  • Be aware of how Social Workers can identify and counteract disguised compliance? What is my role in this resistance? Understanding the relationship.
  • Recognise the link with safeguarding and disguised compliance e.g. Missed opportunities for intervention. Professional attention diverted from the child. Causes over-optimism about progress.

Who the course is aimed at?

The course is aimed at those working with parents whose behaviour is concerning and who want to put the child at the centre of their practice.

About the trainer

Mike Mainwaring has worked with Children and Young People for over 20 years. Specialising in substance misuse, youth homelessness, participation and children’s rights. He is a qualified trainer and has trained children, young people and adults on substance misuse, LGBT issues, children’s rights, participation, dealing with difficult behaviour, safeguarding and child protection, Child Sexual Exploitation and boundaries. He has also developed and run youth lead research projects. He has worked in various settings such as street drug projects, residential rehabilitation, outreach work, play, youth work, manged housing projects and run youth councils. He has an art background, working with young people in distress through the medium of art and exhibiting his own work about social issues.