Supporting Parents in and Leaving Care: #MessagestoCorporateParents

From January 2021 Dr Louise Roberts, Dr Dawn Mannay and Rachael Vaughan have been working on an ESRC funded Impact project to challenge stigma, discrimination, and poor outcomes for young parents in and leaving care. As part of this project they have drawn on the research of Dr Louise Roberts, working with care experienced parents and partner organisation Voices From Care Cymru, NYAS Cymru and TGP Cymru to produce a best practice charter and wider resources. 

This page will host all the resources produced as part of this project to raise awareness and hope to create meaningful change for parents in and leaving care. We will also share best practice examples from across Wales and the UK

Supporting Parents in and Leaving Care: #MessagestoCorporateParents


The Charter

The Charter will be published soon.


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Supporting Parents in and Leaving Care

Dr. Louise Roberts and Rachael Vaughan, Cardiff University.

9th November 2021, 11am-12 noon.

This event will detail recent efforts to co-develop a best practice charter, aimed at creating meaningful change for parents in and leaving local authority care. Co-produced with care experienced parents, practitioners and policy makers, the charter is aimed at Corporate Parents; professionals with responsibility for supporting young people in state care. In Wales, corporate parents are directed to seek the same outcomes for children in local authority care as any good parent would seek for their own child. This event will share the best practice charter and wider resources developed about this important topic including discussion on research conduction in this area by Dr Louise Roberts.  Parents in and leaving care will support the development of this event.

The webinar forms part of the annual Economic and Social Research Council’s Festival of Social Science.

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Best practice examples

If you would like to share best practice examples with us about how you work with parents in and leaving care in your local authority, please get in touch at

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Policy Press | The Children of Looked After Children – Outcomes, Experiences and Ensuring Meaningful Support to Young Parents In and Leaving Care : By Louise Roberts


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