In preparation for the Transitions conference, children and young people have been working with the Welsh writer and performer, Clare E. Potter to creatively explore their experiences of transitions.  Their discussions, writing and artwork provide powerful evidence that transitions are complex, essential periods of change.  

An introduction to transitions

A coastal round house at the Urdd Centre, Camp Llangrannog provided a stimulating location to explore transitions with care experienced 7- to 11-year-olds, who enjoyed a summer playscheme organised by Ceredigion’s Project Co-ordinator for Looked After Children. Clare facilitated an inspiring day that was packed full of poetry, spoken word and art. Transitions were perceived as opportunities and the themes of power, relationships and love featured strongly.  When preparing for transitions the children recommended that, ‘They don’t just fly off, they have to learn to fly.’

Coastal scenery, Camp Llangrannog

A group of young people involved with Voices Carmarthen helped to scope this project by highlighting how school and family transitions can impact upon mental health. They warned that, ‘During transitions those who shout the loudest and demand angrily get a response, but if you are quiet, shy, patient you are ignored.’  The young people also discussed the importance of emotional support during transitions to help individuals move from ‘Surviving to thriving.’ 

Young people involved with Llamau identified a range of transitions that encompassed, styles, relationships, and places. One of their talented poets wrote, ‘There’s always a bit of light in any problem you have, and you can always make that light brighter if you believe in yourself.’

This project has reinforced the importance of taking the time to listen to children and young people.  Their insightful views have informed the Transitions Conference and provided inspiring input that reminds us of the importance of flexible, individualised support.  We offer grateful thanks to the children and young people who were involved, Clare for providing the inspiration and to Diana Lewes-Gale, Sian Jones and Annie Galt who co-ordinated the group work. 


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Hearts flying
Hearts have wings