Effect of Covid-19 on learners survey

Closing date: 18 December 2020

The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has affected life everywhere.  Welsh Government researchers would like to understand more about the impact the pandemic has had on learners in Wales.

This survey is aimed at;

  • current learner aged 16 or older,
  • undertaking learning at AS and A levels in a school sixth form,
  • further education
  • work-based or adult learning in college or in the community 

Draft Tertiary Education and Research Bill

Consultations were carried about:

  • the needs of the learner
  • Welsh language/Welsh-medium
  • the needs of the economy and employers
  • Regulatory impact assessment
  • Post Compulsory Education and Training reform

Embedding a whole-school approach to mental health and well-being

Consultations were made about possible improvements to how the framework will support:

  • positive mental health and emotional well-being of all learners and staff
  • the development and embedding of best practice
  • consistency and collaboration between schools and  partners
  • activities such as training and awareness

CARE in the time of COVID for care-experienced young people – University of Oxford

Would you like to share your experiences of COVID-19? If you have experience of being in care in the UK and are over the age of 18, send us your own diary entry of a written piece, of music, or of art: 

  • Written (200 to 600 words
  • Audio or video (3 to 5 minutes)
  • Music, a song, poetry or spoken word
  • Art you have created (please accompany this by a short explanation) 

The #CareConvos team will provide weekly prompts inspired by historical diaries and a selection of diary entries will be published on social media. 

We are also inviting people to complete a short survey about their mental health status and coping strategies. You will not be asked about your care experience. All those who complete the survey and submit a diary entry will receive a £15 voucher. 

To submit a diary entry for this week, tell us about one of the following: 

  • Tell us about your day to day experiences during COVID-19
  • Tell us about your day last Saturday (9th May 2020)
  • How do you feel about the length of lockdown (“Stay at home”)? What adjustments have you made to the way you enjoy your time? 

You can submit multiple entries, but vouchers are available for only two entries per month. 

To take part or find out more: 

Visit our website: www.careinthetimeofcovid.org 
Contact: aoife.ohiggins@magd.ox.ac.uk
Twitter page: @CareandCOVID
Instagram: @careinthetimeofcovid

Impact of COVID-19 on the language development of infants aged 8-18 months, and aged 18-36 months

This is a Cardiff University project in connection with the outbreak of the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and the measures on quarantine and social distancing implemented by the UK health authorities on 23.03.2020. As parents, we are often interested in following the development of our children and finding out how they have learned at various points in the early years of life. Understanding what children know and how they learn is also important for researchers interested in understanding their development. In this research project, we want to investigate how quarantine and social distancing can affect language development in children aged 8-36 months. 

The questionnaire is for parents with children learning English as their main language, and there is going to be a follow-up questionnaire conducted when quarantine measures have ceased.​ Participate in the survey.

Qualifications Wales launches consultation on grading for summer 2020

Qualifications Wales today publishes a consultation document setting out how, in the absence of exams, this year’s GCSE, AS and A level grades will be standardised across the country and how the appeals process will work. The regulator wants all interested parties to examine its proposals and submit their views before the new arrangements are finalised. 

“Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Summer 2020 will be proof of that on so many fronts, including education,” said Chief Executive Philip Blaker.

“Given the decision to close schools and cancel exams as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, establishing new arrangements for this summer is essential to enable learners to receive their grades fairly so that they are able to progress to the next stage of their lives, whether that is further study, training or employment.”

Grades will be based on centres’ judgements of each learner’s attainment, which will then be standardised across centres drawing on a range of other evidence. The consultation is seeking views on two key aspects of arrangements for summer 2020. 

The consultation is seeking views on two key aspects of arrangements for summer 2020:

  • The aims which will underpin the statistical standardisation model that will be used for the award of grades for learners taking the affected qualifications. This will be developed and used by WJEC to ensure that grades submitted by centres across Wales are judged at the same level.
  • The specific appeals process that is needed for the 2020 summer exam series given that papers will not be marked in the usual way.

This consultation covers GCSEs, AS and A levels and the Welsh Baccalaureate Skills Challenge Certificate that are developed in Wales by WJEC and regulated by Qualifications Wales. The consultation is open from Tuesday 28 April and closes at 5pm on Wednesday 13 May 2020. Full details, including how to respond, can be found on the Qualifications Wales website

Children in Wales survey

In our last members update on 31st March, we set out some of the changes we are making in the way we deliver our valued services in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are now making adaptations and implementing new and exciting ways in which to deliver our core work over the coming months.

The importance and benefits of working together, staying connected and speaking with one voice are even more important now that ever before. This means listening to what our members have to say; advocating for the best possible outcomes for children and sharing the best possible solutions & resources to support our members and the children, young people and families you work with throughout Wales.  

We are keen to get the children’s sector’s views so that we can achieve these aims together, and be able to respond as effectively as we can. Please could you take a moment to complete our survey to help inform our programme of work. We have intentionally kept if brief as not to take a great deal of your valuable time. 

Co-SPACE COVID-19 study

Are you a parent or carer of a child in school years 0 (reception/foundation) to 11 in the UK? If you are we invite you to take part in a regular online survey being run by the University of Oxford. The survey will take up to 20 mins the first time you do it and about 10 mins thereafter. We will ask you to complete the survey weekly for a month, then fortnightly for a month, and then monthly until children and young people are back in school. Participate in the survey

Monmouthshire education services survey

We want your views on how well Monmouthshire education services supports schools and youth services. Your opinions will help us judge how effective the education services are at ensuring young people receive the education to which they are entitled.

If you’re a parent, carer, learner or work/are involved in education in Monmouthshire we’d like to hear your views.

Staff training needs questionnaire

WJEC is working as part of a consortium, led by AlphaPlus Consultancy Ltd, commissioned by Welsh Government to develop the personalised assessments. As part of this work, WJEC is providing training to schools on administering and using the personalised assessments.

In order to tailor training provision to your staff needs, we encourage all schools to complete the short online questionnaire.

Changes to disabled students’ allowances

Welsh Government want to improve the quality of support available to eligible students. We are consulting on the following changes:

  • amalgamation of allowances
  • availability of a pre-arranged package of support
  • responsibilities for arranging support
  • improving DSA awareness

Structure for Welsh apprenticeship frameworks

Welsh Government are are seeking your views on the structure of apprenticeship frameworks. 

Qualifications Wales’ consultation on the nature of qualifications to be taken at 16 is now live

Education in Wales is embarking on a significant period of change, and at the centre of these changes is an innovative curriculum for 3 to 16-year olds.​

To complement the new curriculum, they want the next generation of 16-year olds to take globally respected qualifications that inspire and prepare them for life, learning and work. We want to be sure that any changes we make lead to long-lasting improvements and stability for the qualifications system.

Written statement – Consultation, summary of response: Draft Welsh in education strategic plans regulations (Wales) 2019 and guidance

The Welsh Government undertook a consultation on the draft Welsh in Education Strategic Plans Regulations (Wales) 2019 and Guidance between 30 May and 13 September 2019. The document summarising the key themes from the responses received to that consultation and the Welsh Government responses has been published today on the Welsh Government website.

Draft keeping learners safe guidance

Welsh Government wants your views on the revision of the 2015 guidance for local authorities and governing bodies on arrangements for safeguarding children.

Ensuring access to the full curriculum

Welsh Government are seeking your views on the impact of the proposal to change parents’ ability to withdraw their children from Religious Education (RE) and Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) in the new curriculum.

Professionals and practitioners child & family poverty survery 2019 C

Children in Wales have been carrying out an Annual Child & Family Poverty Survey for the last 4 years, which helps us tounderstand levels and trends of child poverty in Wales. 

Beaufort Research

Draft: Keeping learners safe guidance

Gov.wales want your views on the revision of the 2015 guidance for local authorities and governing bodies on arrangements for safeguarding children. Consultation ends 7 November 2019.

Regulations for licensing Animal Exhibits proposed

Regulations to introduce a licensing scheme for Animal Exhibits such as mobile zoos and petting farms have been introduced for consultation today by the minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs. Consultation ends 21 November 2019.

Education (Amendments relating to the intervals for Inspection of Education and Training) (Wales) Regulations 2020

Gov.wales want your views on proposals to amend the regulations. Consultation ends 25 November 2019.

Ensuring access to the full curriculum

Gov.wales are seeking your views on the impact of the proposal to change parents’ ability to withdraw their children from Religious Education (RE) and Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) in the new curriculum. Consultation ends 28 November 2019.

Social media in social work: A research survey

Social media is surrounded by ethical dilemmas and ongoing questions in Social Work practice. As part of my Masters dissertation in Social Work at Cardiff University, I am conducting a short, 5-minute survey. It is an online questionnaire looking at social media use in Social Work and asks questions in relation to how professionals are using social media, examining some of the ethical dilemmas which social media creates.The questionnaire offers the opportunity for participants to highlight how they feel social media helps or hinders their everyday practice. The survey is anonymous and can be completed by anyone working in or training in Social Work or anyone who has worked in Social Work previously. If you are a Social Worker past or present, or currently training to be a Social Worker, I would appreciate your input. Thank you for your support with this research.

Purpose and agency in teaching survey

The research is funded by Cardiff University and is led by Dr Kevin Smith. The study is not sponsored by or affiliated with Welsh Government.

The WRISK survey

Women who are planning a pregnancy, or who are pregnant, get advice and information from many different sources. This can be helpful; but may also cause anxiety – and evidence may not always be well explained. The WRISK project wants to hear about your experiences.

The WRISK survey aims to learn more about women’s experiences of advice and information they received both before and during pregnancy. The survey is open to all women who have been pregnant in the last 5 years, regardless of how their pregnancy/ies may have ended. There is particular interest in hearing from women whose voices are not often heard – such as BAME women, women in receipt of welfare benefits, and younger and older women.

Adverse childhood experiences awareness survey

Public Health Wales wish to gain insight into the views and understanding of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) amongst staff in public sector roles within Wales.

To do this, they have commissioned Strategic Research and Insight (SRI), an independent research company based in Cardiff, to carry out an online survey. This will gather the views of public sector workers across Wales.

The survey is important because it will help understand, for the first time, the levels of relevant expertise, knowledge and skills available in public service to tackle the outcomes of ACEs in the adult and child population in Wales.

Public Health Wales would like to hear from as many Wales-based public sector workers as possible, irrespective of their role. This could include, for example, people delivering front line services or people who work in operational, management or leadership roles. It may also include people who work in organisations which deliver services funded by the public sector e.g. Third Sector.

If you have any queries, or would like any information to help promote the survey, please contact Angus Campbell of SRI at angus@strategic-research.co.uk.

Kinship carers: State of the nation survey

The State of the Nation survey is an opportunity for all kinship carers to help develop services and fight for improvements in support for kinship families. This year the focus is on the time when you first became a kinship carer, because this is such a critical stage and often shapes the support that you and your family receive. We want to hear directly from you about your experiences and the improvements you would like to see. Complete the survey here.