The Welsh government Children and Communities Grant programmes seek to address the support needs of the most vulnerable children and adults in our communities through a range of early intervention, prevention, and support mechanisms. It looks to mitigate or remove disadvantage to vulnerable people to enable them to have the same life chances as others and therefore to contribute to a more equal Wales.

The CCG brings together seven programmes:

  • Childcare and Play
  • Communities for Work Plus
  • Families First
  • Flying Start
  • Legacy Fund
  • St David’s Day Fund
  • Promoting Positive Engagement for Young People

Children and Communities Grant programmes support local authorities in considering how to deliver the services they provide more strategically through the flexibility of these grants.

The grant programmes can support and promote joint planning and commissioning to make more effective use of CCG funding in pursuit of the constituent programmes’ aims and objectives. There is an expectation that these grants will provide participants with a more strategic approach to delivering for the most vulnerable in society.

Visit the Families First and Flying Start advice and guidance for COVID-19.

Case studies


Family Centres provide support for families in their local communities – the right help at the right time. Through the Covid-19 period, we have found innovative solutions by working in partnership with others. We worked with Conwy Castle to open up for individual families of children with additional needs to have an experience they wouldn’t normally be able to access, and with closed schools during lockdown to use their playgrounds for families without access to outdoor space. We are working with food banks and the Wellbeing Team to distribute slow cookers, ingredients and recipes to families. We are developing a clothes swap project with local charities and community groups, which has both financial and environmental benefits. We are also delivering webinars and bitesize video clips with expert partners. For more information about our services, visit FamilyLife

Blaenau Gwent

Prior to Christmas, Families First, in conjunction with Blaenau Gwent 0-25 Disability Team, held three taster sessions for a new arts and crafts group, running at Rassau Resource Centre in Ebbw Vale for young adults with a disability, aged 16-25 years.

The group is facilitated by Chris Walters who is a local artist based in Blaenau Gwent with a wealth of knowledge and seemed the perfect fit for the job – Chris came highly recommended and goes above and beyond all expectations. Both Families First and the Disability Team support Chris with the sessions every week.

The gap in the service was identified and discussed at an ‘all things disability’ meeting – we then worked to bridge that gap and have luckily had a brilliant response to it. We have over 12 young people participating every week and we anticipate more joining the group in the weeks ahead.

As we hoped, we have had a lot of engagement from the local community and this engagement continues beyond the participants; we have had a few inquiries from people living in the local area who would like to volunteer – a post went out through GAVO explaining the new project and there are already very kind people offering their services and wanting to become involved – this process is on-going.

The aim of the group was to give these young adults a voice, independence, a purpose and the opportunity to learn new skills and make new friendships – it is absolutely paramount that services such as this exist to ensure that young adults with disabilities get their voices heard, are integrated within our local community, and that they feel valued, appreciated and inspired.

This group is funded until March 2022, but we are hoping and anticipating to work beyond this date to continue its brilliant success.