Welcome to Home Comforts: Getting It Right in Adult Social Care.

This forthcoming conference features live webinars, blogs, pre-recorded webinars and a range of resources aimed at sharing best practice in adult social care.


Promoting social inclusion in housing and care environments for older people: new research and learning resources.

October 11th – 01:00pm

Dr Paul Willis

The human rights situation of older people living in care homes: Concerns and needs for action 

October 17th – 01:00pm

Dr Caroline Emmer De Albuquerque Green

The Power of Presence in Long-term, Residential and Nursing Home Care

October 24th – 01:00pm
Dr Andrea Cooper


The role of Care Forum Wales in sharing best practice and advocacy

Mary Wimbury from Care Forum Wales

The rights of older people living in care homes

Helena Herklots

Older People’s Commissioner for Wales


Care home therapy during COVID 19

Ben Cowley, Music Therapist


Resources released as part of this conference will be available here.