Author: Sarah L Brand, Fiona Morgan, Lorna Stabler, Alison Lesley, Weightman, Simone Willis, Lydia Searchfield, Ulugbek Nurmatov, Alison Mary Kemp, Ruth Turley, Jonathan Scourfield, Donald Forrester, Rhiannon E Evans

Year: Aug 2019


The increasing number of children and young people entering statutory care in the UK is a significant social, health and educational priority. Development of effective approaches to safely reduce this number remains a complex but critical issue. Despite a proliferation in interventions, evidence summaries are limited. The present protocol outlines a scoping review of research evidence to identify what works in safely reducing the number of children and young people (aged ≤18 years) entering statutory social care. The mapping of evidence gaps, clusters and uncertainties will inform the research programme of the newly funded Department for Education’s What Works Centre for Children’s Social Care.