This webinar was presented by Natalie Brimble from Tros Gynnal Plant.

The National Approach to Statutory Advocacy for children and young people in Wales was introduced in 2017. The National Approach model places a duty on Children’s Services staff to ensure all children and young people who became looked after, post 1 July 2017, and became part of child protection procedures, are receiving a service via a care and support plan.

Advocacy is promoting views, wishes and feelings, to ensure they are taken into account and acted upon during the decision making processes that affect a child’s life. The webinar provided a briefing on the National Approach, including the ‘Active Offer’ element, which ensures all children and young people who fall within the legislation are offered face-to-face meetings with their advocacy provider.

Natalie Brimble from Tros Gynnal Plant

The webinar began with an overview of advocacy and the different types of advocacy, and the role of an Independent Professional Advocate. It then detailed the policy element of the National Approach, the overarching principles, the linking elements and how it may link to your area of work.


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