Understanding the implementation of children’s social care policy in Wales: a study of the new Child Sexual Exploitation guidance.

In this blog Richard Devine gives a summary of an article by Juan Usubillaga, Clive Diaz & Donald Forrester. How are policies implemented in children’s services? Developing an initial programme theory to evaluate the implementation of the new Child Sexual Exploitation guidance in Wales A wealth of policy, guidance and law in social work guides… Read More

My Interpretation on Strength Based Approaches in Adult Social Care as a Human and Social Sciences Student.

Zuzanna Oliwkiewicz My name is Zuzanna, I am currently studying human and social sciences at Cardiff University. I’ve had the opportunity to work with CASCADE over the past semester as a part of my placement journey. I’ve joined meetings, webinars, searched for venues and even got sucked into helping with the big move! As I… Read More