PhD researchers Lorna Stabler, Cardiff University and Abbie Toner, University of Suffolk both have experience of being kinship carers. Lorna has carried out research with kinship carers on projects in England and Wales, and Abbie has extensive experience of supporting grandparent carers and children as a support worker for two local authorities and a third sector organisation. 

Kinship care is often discussed as another form of care for children and young people who cannot live with their previous primary carers. Because of this, terms that are used within social work and the care system are often applied to kinship care. However, when they are considered more closely, some terms don’t seem to make much sense. As part of the EXCHANGE conference focusing on transitions, in this podcast Lorna and Abbie discuss how we could think about transitions within and from kinship care, and what we might need to understand more about.  They will draw on their experiences in research, practice and lived experiences to explore this under developed area.