We worked to develop a video from young people for young people.

The group we worked with meet weekly and offers care experienced young people the opportunity to visit the university and take part in activities aimed at raising educational aspirations and their awareness of university life. The activities include workshops in science, history and criminology, university tours, one-to-one visits, residential experiences and working with other care experienced young people and university students.

Across two sessions in January and February 2019 we worked with the group to come up with messages around education to share in a video to other young people. We started by brainstorming ideas on what they would like to share with their peers. What things help them in education? What makes a difference? And finally, what inspires them? Deciding on their main messages they then got to work on scripting and creating visual elements for the video. We used storyboards to try and put together the group’s ideas then got creative with drawing and even used fuzzy felts.

The original images made by the group were used as the basis for the video animation below, bringing to life the messages the young people wanted to share.

We would like to thank the inspirational young people for sharing their stories and all their hard work on the film. We would also like to acknowledge all the support staff who have been working with the group, especially Helen Davies from Reaching Wider at Swansea University. We hope you enjoy the video.