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Learning from research Webinar: adoption support Services; co-ordination, co-operation and learning – the experience of delivering a service with partnership in mind. 

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27 January 2022 | 2.00pm-3.45pm | Delivered via Zoom

The first of our series of ‘Learning from Research Webinars’. Free for members.


A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Adoption Support.

Adoption Support has become a standard part of the adoption model over the last 20 years. Before that, it was barely recognised as a core part of adoption but the review commissioned by the Labour government in the late 1990’s identified both the evidence base of need and established the legislative framework for delivery. The Adoption Support Fund has added a source of funding with significant impact from 2015.

The issues facing adopted children and young people and their adoptive parents are wide ranging. They typically include the sequences of maltreatment in its various forms and the impact on the child’s development. Genetic risk also can play a part along with other conditions such as Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and neurodevelopment developmental issues such as ASD and ADHD.

The challenge and complexity of these issues will need to be addressed by the adoptive parent/s ad others and for many this will include turning to the adoption agency for support. The design and delivery of services that take this into account can be challenging. One specific design has been developed by AdCAMHS over some years with significant evidence about its impact and outcomes. This webinar to be delivered online where Alison Roy will present her views about what made a difference in the AdCAHMS model, see also A for Adoption and what should be learnt in the further development of adoption support services.


The session will be presented by Alison Roy, who is an Author and Senior Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist at The Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust.

Who should attend?

The session is aimed at social work managers, supervising social workers, children’s social workers, other professionals and foster carers and adopters.

This is free event for members.

Non-members can purchase a place for £20+VAT.

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