Out-of-home care-experienced children’s educational careers: what can be learnt from studies of their educational pathways?

It is well known that children with out-of-home care (OHC) experience perform poorly within school and in the educational system. However, we know less about their educational careers over time, and how their educational pathways compare to their same-aged peers.

Based on a 50-year follow up of around 12 000 children born in Stockholm, out of which nearly 8% had been placed in OHC care at some point before their 13th birthday, this presentation describes a series of studies of OHC experienced children’s educational careers over the life course.

In particular, it focuses on what implications the results from these studies may have for the educational and child welfare system responsible for the educational needs of OHC children of today.

Presented by:

Dr Hilma Forsman,

Department of Social Work

Stockholm University