Parent Advocacy Online Workshop (Wales)

We are inviting social work practitioners and managers, parental advocates, parents, advocacy managers, family support workers and academics in Wales to participate in an online workshop on parental advocacy and its effectiveness in supporting parents whose children are open to social care. The event is part of a CASCADE research project led by Dr Clive Diaz, to understand how parent advocacy programmes are implemented in Wales, the mechanisms by which these services may or may not be effective and their potential outcomes.

During the event, Dr Diaz and Sammi Fitz-Symonds will present initial findings on the forms of parent advocacy services currently available in Wales and the circumstances in which these services support parents to be more involved in decision making. We aim to bring together practitioners and managers from across Wales to reflect on the work you do with parents open to children’s social care and the role parent advocacy has (or could have) on influencing current practice.

These interactive workshops will include discussions in small groups. The workshop is being run twice and is the same each time, so you only need to attend one session.

For further information on the research please visit the project page, or if you have any questions about the research or event please contact Dr Clive Diaz  or Sammi Fitz-Symonds