Presenter: Dr Nell Warner, Cardiff University

Time: 12:00 – 13:00

Date: 20/09/23

Location: ZOOM, Online

A number of parental problems have previously been associated with children entering care. These include mental health problems, substance misuse and learning disabilities. However there are many things about the relationship between these issues in parents and children’s entry into care that are not known. For example, do these factors have the same effect on the likelihood of care if they occur in mothers or fathers or if they occur in areas of high or low deprivation? How does their impact vary in different local authorities? We also don’t know how the characteristics of the child affect the impact of these issues. This webinar will present the findings of a study carried out to explore these issues. The study used routinely collected data from social services in Wales and linked it to data from health and education to look at the households children were living in before they entered care. It looked at the risk factors in the adults living in those households as well as child characteristics. These were compared to the rest of the population and have been used to answer some of these questions. The webinar will explain the study in more detail, present the major findings and provide participants with an opportunity to discuss them.

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