Stretching the Strengths Approach Imagination 

It is over 30 years since the publication of an influential paper by Ann Weick, Charles Rudd, Patrick Sullivan and Walter Kisthardt, which crystallized a case for a ‘strengths perspective’ in social work. This perspective evolved from a shared determination to turn away from a policy and practice focus on ‘problems’, ‘deficits’, ‘the negative aspects of peoples and society’ (Weick et al 1989, p. 350), and their disempowering mark. Weick et al (1989) situate this perspective as an expression of social work’s values, and as challenge to rethink professional and institutional power which diminishes a person’s capacity to be the expert in their own lives… Read More

Interdependence, Attachment and Positive Contribution: why relationships matter in strengths based practice

In a Social Care assessment, if a person has eligible needs identified, then the worker considers what, from the person’s assets and strengths can be drawn upon  in order to meet those needs. The Worker is encouraged to consider assets first, services last thus preventing, reducing or delaying the need for perhaps more formalised input… Read More