The experience of being a child in the United Kingdom has changed in terms of how children are viewed, valued, and cared for, and policymaking and research relating to children have undergone dramatic changes. The British Academy has undertaken a programme of work that seeks to re-frame debates around childhood within the childhood policy ecosystem across all four UK nations, and to break down academic, policy and professional silos in order to explore new conceptualisations of children in policymaking.

The British Academy Childhood Policy Programme brings the width and breadth of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences to bear on childhood, allowing the British Academy to take a broad, interdisciplinary view on the issues, and to help build important and creative interactions between different academic disciplines and the wider policy and professional communities.

This programme has investigated different aspects of these changes through a number of research activities, including policymaking landscape reviews for each of the four UK nations; case studies on approaches across the four UK nations towards children leaving care and childhood poverty, and evidence on the effectiveness of these different approaches; and a series of stakeholder workshops and engagement activities with policymakers, practitioners and academics.

Visit the British Academy website for more information on the Childhood Policy Programme.

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