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Wed, 28 September 2022
19:00 – 20:30
Online event

Online foster care event, film screening, & sharing best practice with those are care experienced & other professionals in the care sector. So, if you work with young people in care, or are care experienced, this one is for you!

The event will start with a screening of the award-winning short film, Be-Longing, the story of Khoji, a 9-year ‘looked after’ boy living within a foster family. After the film, a foster care discussion and director Q&A will follow. Then, there will be a networking portion of the evening, designed to share best practices and support professionals to provide the best possible care, as well as asking questions and looking at how we can campaign to improve care and care policy for the future.

There will also be a Special Guest, Matthew Page, who recently featured in BBC DNA Family Secrets (series 2 episode 5 on iPlayer), Fostering Families magazine and The Fostering Network Magazine (Sept 2022), will be discussing transitioning from foster care to becoming a carer and DNA family secrets.

To watch the trailer for this short film Be-longing, click the Vimeo link below.

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