This toolkit uses historical sources to empower people aged 11-16 to take control of their wellbeing in the present, and to build better futures. 

The associated activity guides for group leaders and teachers provide a brief overview of topics, prompts for discussion and useful information for each activity, and ‘take home’ messages.

The accompanying learning objectives and curriculum links help teachers in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland to use the toolkit in planning and carrying out lessons on topics related to personal, social, and health education.

You can download the toolkit and all associated resources on this page. A limited number of print copies of the toolkit are also available. Please contact Tracey Loughran ( for further information.


Bodies, Hearts, and Minds: Using the Past to Empower the Future


Generations in Postwar Britain:

For use with the activities ‘Generation and Identity’, Teenage Rebellion’, ‘Parents and Children’, and ‘From Boyhood to Manhood’


Body Image and Self-Expression:

For use with the activities ‘What Does a “Healthy Body” Look Like?’. ‘Prim ‘N Poppin’, ‘Models Depress Me’, ‘Stereotypes, Schools, and Hair’, ‘What Do Fashion and Beauty Mean to You?’, and ‘Make Your Own Health and Beauty Time Capsule’

Sex Education:

For use with the activities ‘Sex Education Then & Now’ and ‘Men Too’

Find out more about the project Body, Self and Family: Women’s Psychological, Emotional and Bodily Health in Britain, c. 1960-1990 and their creators’ biographies.

You can also read Professor Tracey Loughran, Dr Kate Mahoney and Dr Daisy Payling’s blog post Bodies, hearts and mind.