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Children’s Rights Thematic Webinar Series – Session 2: Findings from the 2022 Annual Child & Family Poverty Survey

6 October 2022
10:00am to 11:00am

Online via Teams

Children in Wales’ webinar series draws on key strands of Welsh Government’s Children’s Plan and Programme for Government. Each session will focus on a different topic affecting children and young people, and aims to give a better understanding of the opportunities and barriers that exist in realising children’s rights in Wales. This webinar focuses on poverty.

Join them for the second session in there current series where you will hear key findings from the Children in Wales 6th Annual Child and Family Poverty Survey Report.  This report will share the experiences and views of practitioners and professionals working with over 41,500 families across Wales and, importantly, hear the voices and experiences of children and young people themselves.

Read about Poverty Survey Findings Report 2022.

Poverty has an impact on all aspects of children’s and families’ lives, from eating to heating; education and opportunities; to physical and emotional health.  Whilst last year’s findings were bleak, this year shows a worsening situation across all areas. Many more families are now struggling, with practitioners describing those who were struggling last year, as now being in crisis.

“Any little ladders that once helped are not enough and it’s a downward slide… hope is being extinguished”

Children and young people themselves echoed many of the practitioners’ findings.  They gave descriptions of being unable to concentrate at school due to hunger, feeling lonely and isolated and being worried about families’ finances and the impact this has on their parents’ mental health.

Karen McFarlane, author of the report, explores these and many other findings from the survey analysis.  The webinar will give participants a greater understanding of the daily issues faced by many children, young people and families who live in poverty and the impact this has.  It will also provide the opportunity to ask questions about the findings directly to the author. 

Topics covered: 

Key findings from the 6th Annual Child and Family Poverty survey, including: 

  • The impact of poverty on children, young people & families
  • Experiences of practitioners & professionals working with children and families
  • The experiences and views of children & young people about the impact of poverty in education, at home and in their communities 

Speaker biography: 

Karen McFarlane, Policy Officer: Poverty and Vulnerable Children, Children in Wales 

Karen has worked at Children in Wales for a number of years, on numerous projects.  As part of her current work, Karen facilitates two national networks – the End Child Poverty Network and the Third Sector Additional Needs Alliance.

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