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20 Mar 2023
10.00am – 3.00pm
Online via Microsoft Teams

Child health assessments are a key component in permanence planning for looked after children. This includes providing reports about the impact of a child’s prenatal history, past, current and future health. Medical Advisers need to be aware of the relevant legislation, statutory guidance and competencies framework. They are required to interpret information and present this in an informative and considered format for social care colleagues, panels and potential carers.

This course will consider the Medical Adviser’s role in adoption relating to children. It will address:

  • how to complete good quality child health assessments for looked after children;
  • how to prepare comprehensive child adoption medical reports;
  • how to give constructive and appropriate advice to adoption and fostering agencies and panels;
  • the impact of parental health behaviours in relation to the health of their children;
  • complex and challenging situations, including interpreting information to inform future care planning for a child and managing uncertainty.

NB. This workshop runs alongside Adult health assessments.

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