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21 Mar 2023
10.00am – 3.00pm
Online via Teams

Analysing adult health assessments is a key element of assessing adopters and foster carers. This includes providing reports and evidence-based comments so that panels can reach appropriate decisions. This workshop is designed to support medical advisers in their role. It is particularly suitable for new or inexperienced medical advisers.

This workshop will consider the Medical Adviser’s role in adult health assessments for foster carers and adoptive parents. It will address:

  • what you need to know to be a good Medical Adviser in adoption and fostering;
  • how to interpret adult health assessments and provide quality medical advice to adoption and fostering agencies and panels;
  • the principles of adult health assessments, including examples of complex and challenging situations;
  • adult health advice in special guardianship situations;
  • the issues that arise from adult health reports brought to panels including obesity, smoking, alcohol and mental health and chronic disease.

NB. This workshop runs alongside Child health assessments.

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