Opportunity to help with a research study on care-experienced children and young people’s wellbeing in secondary schools and colleges

Tuesday 7th February
9am – 10.30am
Online event via Teams

Cardiff University would like to talk to education, social care and mental health practitioners, about their experiences and views on mental health and wellbeing provision in secondary schools and colleges in Wales.

This online consultation event is one of a series of consultations being held as part of the WiSC Study – ‘Wellbeing in Schools and Colleges’.

Aim of the WiSC study

The aim of the WiSC study is to understand how secondary schools and Further Education colleges in Wales support care-experienced children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing, and to make recommendations for how support could be improved. 

Schools, colleges and social work teams vary a lot across Wales, therefore it is important that practitioners from across Wales are involved and represented.

The online consultation event 

The consultation will be an online group discussion and will focus on:

  • mental health and wellbeing support needs for care-experienced students in schools and colleges;
  • current school and college based support for care-experienced students;
  • difficulties or perceived gaps in mental health and wellbeing support.

How to get involved 

If you work in education, social care or mental health and are interested in supporting this piece of work and attending the consultation event, please read through the attached information sheet to find out more.

There is a link to an expression of interest form at the end of the information sheet. Please complete this short form by Tuesday 24th January to express your interest to be involved. Spaces at the event will be limited, and if oversubscribed with expressions of interest, we will ensure to invite participants from across different parts of Wales with different practitioner experiences.