Whilst there is often a lot of interest in evidence-based practice in social care and health, making it a reality remains challenging for a variety of reasons.

This ExChange event will outline a participatory, caring and democratic approach to using evidence in learning and development that involves social workers, social care practitioners, managers, service users and carers working collectively to explore and make the world a better place.

The DEEP approach has five key elements: 

  • the creation of supportive and relationship-centred research and practice environments; 
  • the valuing of diverse types of evidence; 
  • the use of engaging narratives to capture and share evidence; 
  • the use of dialogue-based approaches to learning and development;
  • and the recognition and resolution of systemic barriers to development. 

Drawing on existing knowledge and understanding from diverse disciplines, the DEEP approach aims to address all five elements together, with a particular focus on the use of multiple forms of story, which engage heart and mind.

The event will cover the theoretical and practical aspects of the DEEP approach illustrated by examples of associated learning and development work in Wales. It will also introduce the DEEP 2020-23 programme including proposed training opportunities in applying the DEEP approach.

For further reading about the subject our guest speaker wrote a blog about the topic.