H2t.me is in its final phase of development involving pilots across a range of services in Wales and has won a National Welsh Government SBRI challenge called Better Lives Closer to Home. It has been piloted in learning disability, children’s services and work support.

The App supports any individual receiving targeted support to take much greater levels of control over what is important TO them, as well as for them. It also allows the people supporting them to effectively evidence the impact of their interventions.

H2t.me supports the individual (alongside a Mentor) to:

  • Create a strength-based profile of what is important to them and their future;
  • Identify a Circle of Support; individuals in their life who can support and encourage them;
  • Identify a set of goals and actions that will support them to achieve their desired outcomes;
  • Collect a rich story of achievement through words and pictures via a smartphone or tablet;
  • Review how far they have travelled towards each goal through regular meetings.

The support organisation is able to coordinate the whole process and record evidence of achievement against both the individual’s own goals (in their words) and against KPIs such as the National Outcomes Framework for Wales.

Activity is recorded in real time, similar to many social media platforms, and supporters are able to view progress and provide encouragement in a joined-up way.

This webinar gave an overview of the App, its current and potential use in practice, and the benefits for service users and providers.

Presented by Roger Rowett, Director of Here2there.me Ltd.