Author: Kenny McGhee

Year: 2015


This Inform briefing provides an overview of information, policy and legislation and outlines the importance of good housing and accommodation options that improve outcomes for care leavers. We summarise research evidence about leaving care at a young age, and the positive impact on young people of ‘staying put’ in continuing care placements. Major policy initiatives and legislation are discussed: the Housing Options Protocols for Care Leavers (Scottish Government, 2013a), Staying Put Scotland (Scottish Government, 2013b), and the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014. We present new evidence about housing options and transitioning from care from two sources: the Throughcare and Aftercare National Survey of Scotland’s Local Authorities (McGhee et al., 2014) and follow-up survey of the Housing Options Protocols for Care Leavers carried out by CELCIS.