In and beyond the care setting: relationships between young people and care workers


Authors: Vicki Welch, Nadine Fowler, Ewan Ross, Richard Withington, Kenny McGhee

Year: 2018


This review seeks to identify and summarise findings from literature about the nature of relationships that develop between older children and young people, and those caring for them within and beyond residential and fostering settings. We make particular efforts to include studies that gather the views of young people themselves. We consider the issues and challenges that young people face in moving on from care, the type of support they receive during this process, and focus on the relational elements of this support. The study as a whole focuses on young people in adolescence as they approach the point where they will leave care and undertake the transition towards more independent living.

Housing Options and Care Leavers: Improving Outcomes into Adulthood


Author: Kenny McGhee

Year: 2015


This Inform briefing provides an overview of information, policy and legislation and outlines the importance of good housing and accommodation options that improve outcomes for care leavers. We summarise research evidence about leaving care at a young age, and the positive impact on young people of ‘staying put’ in continuing care placements. Major policy initiatives and legislation are discussed: the Housing Options Protocols for Care Leavers (Scottish Government, 2013a), Staying Put Scotland (Scottish Government, 2013b), and the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014. We present new evidence about housing options and transitioning from care from two sources: the Throughcare and Aftercare National Survey of Scotland’s Local Authorities (McGhee et al., 2014) and follow-up survey of the Housing Options Protocols for Care Leavers carried out by CELCIS.

Throughcare and Aftercare Services in Scotland’s Local Authorities: A National Study


Authors: Kenny McGhee, Jennifer Lerpiniere, Vicki Welch, Pamela Graham, Bruce Harkin

Year: 2014


This research seeks to establish a clear picture of current throughcare and aftercare (TCAC) provision across Scotland’s local authorities and to provide evidence that will inform ongoing debates about future directions and priorities for the TCAC sector. Above all, the research seeks to provide an evidence base which will help ensure that all care leavers receive the support they need to make a successful and positive transition into adult life.

Staying Put & Continuing Care: The Implementation Challenge


Author: Kenny McGhee

Year: 2017


This article is based on a qualitative study of residential child care practitioners’ views and perspectives of the blocks and enablers to the implementation of staying put and continuing care practice with three Scottish local authorities. This small-scale qualitative study involved semi-structured interviews with nine residential practitioners, working in five children’s homes across three Scottish local authorities. Key findings highlight issues around learning and development opportunities for practitioners; the importance of managers and leaders in creating enabling contexts for practice; the challenges of resource pressures and limited capacity in the sector; and key issues around established culture and practice. What emerged was a consistent narrative of a complex, contradictory, nuanced context within which residential child care practitioners operate. The paper discusses these findings within the current context of challenges to implementing child care policy and the need to establish ‘a new norm’ for looked after young people transitioning from residential care settings.