In and beyond the care setting: relationships between young people and care workers


Authors: Vicki Welch, Nadine Fowler, Ewan Ross, Richard Withington, Kenny McGhee

Year: 2018


This review seeks to identify and summarise findings from literature about the nature of relationships that develop between older children and young people, and those caring for them within and beyond residential and fostering settings. We make particular efforts to include studies that gather the views of young people themselves. We consider the issues and challenges that young people face in moving on from care, the type of support they receive during this process, and focus on the relational elements of this support. The study as a whole focuses on young people in adolescence as they approach the point where they will leave care and undertake the transition towards more independent living.

‘Being a student with care experience is very daunting’ – Findings from a survey of care-experienced students in Scottish colleges and universities

Research Report

Author: Linda O’Neill, Neil Harrison, Nadine Fowler, Graham Connelly, 2019


CELCIS, the Centre for Excellence for Children’s Care and Protection based at the University of Strathclyde, has published the findings of Scotland’s first nation-wide survey of care experienced students in Scotland’s colleges and universities.

Carried out on behalf of the Scottish Funding Council (SFC), this research aimed to get a better understanding of the factors that can be a barrier to, or can enable, care experienced students going to, being at, and staying at college and university in Scotland.