Following on from the LACE Project, the IAA project looked at improving the educational experiences and attainment of care experienced children and young people in Wales.

Project Summary

In May 2016, the Economic and Social Research Council provided the Children’s Social Care Research and Development Centre (CASCADE) with Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) funding to build on the findings and recommendations from the LACE project and get the messages out to diverse audiences.

The project, ‘Improving the educational experiences and attainment of looked after children and young people’ involved a series of events, workshops, consultations, and the development of a range of materials to deliver some important #messagestoschools.

Project Outputs

Consultations with care experienced children and young people, as well as a poetry competition for those in care and care leavers, led to the development of key #messagestoschools which were presented in a film, a music video and a series of posters. CASCADE worked with Voices from Care Cymru, the Care Forum Wales Looked After Children Network and the creative industries to develop a range of resources to help share these key messages to schools.

CASCADE also worked with The Fostering Network to develop the Greater Expectations magazine for foster carers.