The PaCE (Parents, Childcare and Employment) project provides childcare support for parents whilst training or looking for work. PaCE offers individual adviser support to parents to help find a suitable job. 

Make a start with PaCE. Are these a barrier for you?

Potential barriers to sustainable employment may include:

  • Childcare
  • Employability skills or training
  • Help with childcare costs
  • Finding work locally to fit with childcare needs

What will PaCE Offer?

  • PaCE will help parents/guardians who are out of work into training and employment
  • PaCE will help find and fund solutions to overcome childcare barriers to enable parents/guardians to prepare for or to access employment opportunities
  • Parents/guardians will receive individualised help via a PaCE adviser in their local community
  • PaCE advisers also support parents/guardians to develop employment skills which will help to improve self-esteem and confidence

Are you eligible?​

PaCE can help parents/guardians who are currently not engaged in any education, training or employment.

What do I do next?

If you are interested in PaCE and believe that you fit our eligibility, complete our form and send it forward to A member of staff in the PaCE internal team will then forward your interest to the appropriate adviser.

The adviser will:

  • Offer one-to-one support in family and friendly locations, supporting your search for training and employment
  • Help with ‘Better Off’ in work calculations
  • Offer self-employment advice and guidance
  • Support pre-employment childcare costs
  • Advise on locally available registered childcare provisions and costs 

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