A new free helpline service for parents is now available: Parent Talk Cymru, provided by Action for Children

This service provides support for parents in Wales and offers parenting articles and an opportunity to speak to the service via live chat in English or Welsh. 

Down-to-earth parenting advice you can trust 

The new service is on hand to support parents when needed. You can browse articles on the most common parenting questions from our experts, or talk one-to-one with a qualified parenting coach about anything of worry. It’s all free, and no topic is too big, small, or embarrassing. 

1:1 chat 

Take advantage of the free and confidential live chat with a qualified parenting coach. We can talk about anything that supports family life, caring for children or managing your own wellbeing. Some parents get in touch to chat about their day or to talk about things they can’t tell anyone else.  

We’re available: 

  • 12:30-19:30 Monday 
  • 10:30-16:30 Tuesday 
  • 10:30-16:30 Wednesday 
  • 12:30-19:30 Thursday 
  • 09:30-16:00 Friday 

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More information 

Visit Parent Talk Cymru for further information, where you can also subscribe to the Parent Talk Cymru newsletter.