Calling care-experienced young people and professionals who work with care leavers

Despite ongoing efforts to bridge the gap between care-experienced young people and their peers, there is still much that we do not know about the factors that contribute to these inequalities. This research aims to develop a better understanding of how policies and support structures can be effectively developed to address the specific needs of care-experienced young people… Read More

A wider view of education for Children in Care

It is easy to fall into the trap of assuming that all education happens at school. However, Dr Karen Kenny research highlights the amount of learning that is happening all around children, all of the time. This work suggests it would be helpful to adopt a wider view when considering the education of young people who are in the care of the state, helping them to identify their successes… Read More

New special edition of Thrive magazine – Money, money, money! 

The issue tries to address some of the worries and fears that young people told us they have about money; and looks at what support is available to help them – plus there’s all our usual features, like ‘Ask Matt’ and ‘Real Life’.  We also look at the basic income pilot for care leavers in Wales and interview a Welsh Government minister to find out more.  Read More

British Academy launch of Reframing Childhood: exploring the report in a Welsh context

With the launch of ‘Reframing Childhood’, the British Academy final report of the Childhood Policy programme, over 50 childhood stakeholders meet at the CASCADE Centre at Cardiff University to discuss the report’s findings. This blog summarises and highlights key ideas that emerged during this discussion… Read More

Care-experienced students in Wales: from students to graduates

Research carried out by Dr Ceryn Evans at Swansea University is exploring the experiences of care experienced university students as they navigate through university and embark on transitions from university to post-graduation life. She is currently recruiting participants to inform her research. Find out more about the research here… Read More