Care Experienced Students’ Success at University: Support and Encouragement are Crucial.

Young people who have been placed in care are known to have poorer educational outcomes than other young people and are less likely to go to university. Despite the challenges faced by care experienced young people in getting to university, research suggests that when they do make it to university, many succeed in completing their… Read More

Should Care Experience be a Protected Characteristic?

Introduction As part of the Joining Up Joining In project funded from the Blagrave Trust we conducted a survey in partnership with our care experienced peer researchers. So far on the project, four young people have received training from Learning and Work Institute to become peer researchers and explore the issues that local care experienced… Read More

Accessible leisure activities for disabled children and young people

The ‘VOCAL’ study is based on disabled children’s right to rest, leisure, play and recreation and to take part in cultural and artistic activities. Recently a new paper from this study has been published highlighting the fluctuations in well-being and disable children’s experiences in recreational activities… Read More