During the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of services that have been previously delivered face-to-face had to move online, one of these being mental health services.

The study aims to understand and improve the delivery of digital mental health services for care-experienced young people by asking mental health professionals about their experienced, thoughts, and feelings about these services.

The study has three key research questions:

1. What are mental health professionals’ perspectives of digital therapy?
2. Is a strong relationship between counsellor and client established as easily when compared to other forms of therapy (i.e. face to face)?
3. What lessons have practitioners learnt from this digital move that they can take with them into future service delivery?

Taking part

If you have experience in delivering both face-to-face and digital therapy (which can include phone calls, webchat, or platforms such as Zoom) with care-experienced young people and would like to take part, please contact me, Aimee Cummings.

The interviews will be taking place during July 2021 and are expected to last 45 minutes.